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Narconon Freedom Center Drug Treatment Program

Everyday there are drugs flowing into America, which continues to be a battle for law enforcement to combat. Whether the drugs are smuggled in from Mexico, Canada or on cargo ships to the main ports in South Florida, the New England area or California, drugs find their way inside the American borders and into the hands of an array of individuals from your next door neighbor to the CEO of fortune 500 companies or your run-of-the-mill high school student. Anyone can be struggling with a drug addiction in their life because of the surplus throughout the country, which makes identifying you have an addiction to any of the number of substances accessible difficult at times. Addiction often goes unnoticed for a period of time, especially in this day and age due to the simplicity of obtaining drugs from either your neighborhood drug dealer or your primary care physician. It is as simple as going to the grocery store and buying ibuprofen.

Narconon Freedom CenterTherefore if you find yourself or a loved one needing to use a substance everyday in order to get through the day, you know there is a problem and that it is imperative to find a solution to this problem known as drug addiction. There are many drug treatment centers across the United States that are capable of assisting you through the battle of overcoming drug addiction; the question lies in those drug rehabs success rates and their methods of recovery; does the program really work and will it work for you?

That is where Narconon Freedom Center located in Albion, Michigan steps in to assist you. At Narconon their methods are completely drug free, which means there is no replacement drug used to trick the receptors in your brain into thinking you are still abusing your drug of choice, which is what many drug treatment centers do to make you feel a sense of sobriety. While these replacement drugs such as suboxone or methadone help with getting you off of the drug you were abusing, they do not help with overcoming your addiction. Unfortunately they actually just create a new addiction to the replacement drugs that are even more powerful and addictive than the initial drug you came in to be treated for. While you may not be using your drug of choice anymore, you still need a substance everyday just to get by, which is what Narconon wants you to stop doing. Many individuals who come to Narconon Freedom Center actually come in to be treated for their addiction to these replacement drugs because they are unable to stop using them without having extreme withdrawal symptoms. Thus, by stopping the use of street drugs and simply changing to a drug free life is actually more beneficial and easier to become sober in the long run than attempting to replace street drugs and then get sober.

Narconon Freedom Center Drug Free Rehab

Now that you have decided a drug free program is the ultimate way to prosper in your newly found drug free life, there are undoubtedly more questions about the drug rehab that need answers such as, what else does Narconon offer to help you relearn how to live a productive sober life besides being a completely drug free program? The answer to that is simple though. In Albion, Michigan there are plenty of activities to partake in that you may have simply forgotten about when drugs were your only concern. While there are specific program requirements and sessions throughout your stay, there is plenty of free time. That is why located on the premises of the drug treatment center there are basketball and volley ball courts along with softball fields, ping pong tables and a weight room, as well as frequent trips to a nearby swimming pool. If physical activities aren’t exactly your cup of tea, then there are lounges for you to read books, write and draw or simply relax.

Life Skills

Besides having activities to fill your time, Narconon also wants to build your responsibility level back up above and beyond the level it once was. Narconon Freedom Center does this by having you held responsible for showing up to each group session on time, having chores to be completed each morning or evening, bedroom inspections and taking care of your own laundry at the on-site washers and dryers. By having certain tasks assigned to you and consequences for not completing these tasks, it allows for the drug treatment center to slowly build your responsibility level and make you realize that you are capable of being depended upon for the simplest of things to larger items as well. Responsibility is something you don’t even realize disappears when you are on drugs, but once you become sober and your mind clears up you begin to see that your friends and family stopped depending on you for just about everything such as, showing up to family functions, keeping scheduled appointments or even just answering your phone. Have no fear though, for Narconon Freedom Center will ensure your family and friends can see a difference in your attitude towards life and most importantly that you, yourself, can feel the change from negative to positive within.

Narconon Freedom Center Activities

Communication and Coping

While getting high you probably placed little importance on communication with other individuals because it was not necessary to get what you wanted from your local drug dealer or fellow addict. However, when you are clean and have valid thoughts in your mind it is important to get those ideas from within into spoken word and to receive acknowledgements or responses to the ideas you have communicated. With the capability of housing up to a hundred individuals at a time our drug rehab in Albion, Michigan allows you to gain back your communication skills. By being with a variety of people from all over with varying personalities and having to live with them day in and day out for a period of time, it allows for many opportunities to communicate and learn how to deal with differences of opinion. In addition to having the staff and other individuals who are participating in the drug rehab program to exchange ideas with, Narconon also allows family to come and visit. This gives you an opportunity to communicate ideas with them in a safe environment and help you reconnect and learn how to cope with family in a way you may not be used to. If anything goes in the wrong direction, you have staff there to help guide you through how to handle the situation and communicate your thoughts without using drugs and turn it into a positive learning experience. Before getting sober, if your family and you had differences drugs were your go to “fix all.” Now with a clear mind, communication is how you are able to fix the situation.

Recovery through Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center Rehabilitated FamilyNow that all of those questions piling up in your head have been almost completely answered, you have a better scope on how the Narconon Freedom Center operates and what to expect from us in order to help you lead a productive and prosperous sober life. The decision should be clear that Narconon is here to help you in any way possible through the battle of your drug addiction. If more questions are lingering, feel free to contact one of our addiction specialists who will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our rehabilitation program. The entire staff and setup of the program is here for you to rely on and come to in any time of need. Whether you need something to lean on during your stay in Albion, Michigan or after you go back home to your family or before you even start the program. Narconon wants to see you succeed in life and all of its endeavors. Remember just when you think you cannot go any further your family at Narconon Freedom Center is here to push you that extra mile to ensure you get the recovery you truly deserve.

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