Alcoholism Intervention

What is an intervention and why is it important?

An alcoholism intervention is defined as a combined or group effort to help a family member, friend, or loved one get professional help for their drinking problems. There may be a parent, spouse, or a child involved as well as one of your close personal friends or someone that you work with. The intent of the intervention is to see that the individual enters an addiction treatment and recovery center immediately so they can start getting help and return to a clean and sober life.

An intervention specialist or interventionist is the individual responsible for supervising the event. Along with the support of the other members in the group, this professional conducts the event while at the same time attempting to convince of the harm that they are doing to themselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The goal is to get the suffering individual into an alcohol addiction rehab center where they will receive the proper professional help.

Why interventions are necessary

The primary reason for conducting an alcoholism intervention is because the afflicted individual is in denial about their condition. They are refusing to believe that they do have a problem, so the intervention provides that little push that may be necessary to convince them that they do need professional help. Although interventions can be conducted without the help of an interventionist, it is not advisable to do so since they are trained to handle the individual’s reactions to the meeting, whether they are negative or positive.

Another key point is that the specialist conducting the event is that they can instruct you and the other members of the group to remain calm regardless of how that individual reacts to the alcoholism intervention. The individual benefits from this as well because order is maintained which drastically reduces the chances of them reacting in violent fashion and may eliminate this completely. Additionally, this decreases the risk of the individual getting up and walking out of the event.

Are there any risks involved?

Any time an event like this is conducted whether it is an alcoholism intervention or one for drugs, there are certain risks involved. Those risks increase when you try to conduct one without the supervision of an intervention specialist. One of the biggest risks is that the intervention will fail and the family of the addicted individual may be further torn apart in the long run. The family then has to “pick up the pieces” that result from the failure of the intervention to work as planned.

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