Understanding Heroin Use and Addiction

Heroin Over Lighter

In the United States, heroin has seen a dramatic comeback in the last few years. This shift has largely occurred due to the increasing dependence on opiate-type painkillers. Even relatively brief use of painkillers can result in a physical dependence that can lead to further drug use and migration to heroin.

For this reason, it is vital to know the signs of heroin use and how recovery from heroin addiction can occur. Below, you’ll find many articles that can teach you what you need to know about this dangerous and deadly drug.

Heroin Abuse Signs

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Use

Be able to tell when someone has been using this drug.


Health Risks of Using Heroin

The many different ways that heroin can harm one’s health extend far beyond the possibility of overdose. Learn which organs in the body take a beating when heroin is used.

Heroin Overdose

Fight Back Against Heroin Abuse

Don’t feel helpless when someone you care about is harming himself with heroin use – learn the problems that can result and how you can save loved ones from harm.