Drug Rehab Programs

Drug rehab centers help end addiction
Drug rehabilitation is one of the best methods used for treating addiction. Freedom Treatment Center helps end addiction by working to meet the physical, emotional and mental needs of clients. According to the University of Texas, more than 23 million people are alcohol or drug addicts in the United States. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol addiction, you can contact the Narconon Freedom Center for help. Our rehab center offers treatment for an array of addictions, including prescription drugs, heroin, opiates, cocaine, alcohol, crack and marijuana.

Drug Rehab at Narconon Freedom Center

For nearly 50 years, Narconon has saved those who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. The Narconon program is a precise, step-by-step regimen that addresses all aspects of addiction to assist individuals to overcome its adverse effects for themselves and those around them.

Our program consists of:

• Drug-free Withdrawal. This step includes 24-hour personal care and supervision.

• Detoxification. The unique, drug-free New Life Detoxification removes lingering drug residues from the body and, as a result, eliminates cravings.

• The Objectives. Narconon’s specifically tailored procedures help you to become stable in the present, rather than dwelling in the past.

• Life Skills Training. This step helps you to develop the necessary tools for a successful drug-free life.

The goal is a drug-free life and our success is measured in our ever-growing number of graduates who now lead new lives free from drugs.


When you know someone who is in need of a drug rehab program, try to talk to him and convince him that getting help is the only way to go. This can be difficult – many addicts are in denial when it comes to their problem.

If you think someone may have an addiction, look for a few signs. Some signs of drug or alcohol addiction include bloodshot eyes, drop in attendance at school or work, unexplained changes in personality or attitude, sudden mood swings, tremors, slurred speech and unexplained needs for money. These are all signs that your loved one or friend may have an addiction problem. Lead him back on the right track to get the help he needs before it is too late.

Freedom Treatment Center is here to help and give you or your friend or family members suffering from drug abuse a new start on life.

Contact Narconon Freedom Center today for help.