Narconon Freedom Center Reviews

Narconon Freedom Center located in Albion, Michigan has been helping addicts recover from drugs for years. Every person that walks into our front door is a top priority for all staff members. Many who come to Narconon have been through other drug rehab programs before with no lasting success. Our program is unique. Narconon uses a series of techniques found nowhere else to help addicts overcome drug and alcohol dependencies and their damaging effects. This is done naturally—there are no substitute drugs in the Narconon program.  Our success is measured in our ever-growing number of graduates who now lead new lives free from drugs.

Narconon Freedom Center Reviews with the Better Business Bureau

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Better Business Bureau about Narconon Freedom Center

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Narconon Freedom Center is listed with the BBB as offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, and a BBB member for many years, currently maintains an A rating on the Better Business Bureau scale.

Other Narconon Freedom Center Reviews

As Narconon Freedom Center is one of the largest Narconon centers worldwide, with a capacity of 100 individuals on the rehab program at any one time.  Narconon Freedom Center delivers the hallmark Narconon program, a highly successful alternative drug-free program, which includes Sauna detoxification and Life Skills Programs. The facility is located on ten acres, with abundant wildlife, and the peace and quiet that comes with a small-town location. 

Narconon Freedom Center is licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Community Health as a Substance Abuse Program. The facility excels in its field and stands ready to help those who seek freedom from drug abuse and addiction.