Methadone Addiction

What is Methadone and Why is it Prescribed?

Methadone is the trademarked brand name for the synthetic opioid Dolophine. It has been marketed under other brand names such as Amidone, Heptadon, Physeptone, and Symoron. Since the latter part of the 1940’s, the drug has been prescribed for treating heroin or morphine addiction as well as dependencies on Oxycontin, Percocet, and Vicodin. It shares a number of distinct cross-tolerance characteristics with other opioid substances. It is also prescribed for the treatment of chronic pain because of its effectiveness.

Consequently, Methadone addiction is growing more and more common every day because of how it mitigates withdrawal symptoms that are common characteristics of opioid abuse, addiction, and dependency. Consequently, there are a number of substance addiction programs that are currently offered at many of the addiction treatment and recovery centers throughout the US. This is still the most effective and powerful tool for alleviating the suffering that Methadone abuse, addiction, and dependency can cause.

Whenever you use increasingly higher doses of Methadone, you can block the euphoric effects cause by opioid substances. When an individual is being treated for either heroin or morphine addiction, they can eliminate their cravings for the substance and eventually stop using it. Just be aware of the fact that if you have been using Methadone for an extensive period of time, whether you are treating an opioid addiction or using it recreationally, it may take years for you to overcome your dependency and successfully recover from it.

Methadone addiction warning signs

If you are concerned about you or a loved one having a Methadone addiction, look for the following warning signs:

  •  not being able to function throughout the day without using Methadone
  • taking Methadone and drinking alcohol simultaneously or in conjunction with heroin or morphine
  • lying to a physician in order to get a larger dose of the medication
  • taking a higher does than what the prescription calls for

If you are noticing any of these warning signs or a combination of them, you most likely need professional help for Methadone addiction.

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