5 Signs Someone Has Had Too Much to Drink

Drunk man

Most drugs still have a social stigma attached to their use. In addition to drugs such as heroin and cocaine being illegal, they are so dangerous that most Americans would be aghast at seeing you shoot up or snort a drug in public. They know that you are making a terrible decision and would treat it as such if they observed you doing so.

Not all drugs receive this treatment, however. Alcohol is a drug that has worked itself into a part of almost every social situation in the entire country. It’s not just all around us – it’s actually considered an honored part of many social ceremonies and rites of passage. Try turning 21 in America without getting drunk or getting married without serving alcoholic beverages. Most of your friends and guests would think it’s strange that you’re not drinking.

Despite this, there are many advantages to not drinking alcohol. There are also many advantages to knowing when someone else around you has been drinking or has been drinking to excess. For the sake of your own safety and well-being, here are five signs that someone has had too much to drink.

Flushed Face

One of the first signs of having been drinking too much is simply that it will give many people a flushed face. If you’re out at a restaurant or bar with some friends and you see that someone’s face has started to turn red, this may be a sign that that person needs to be drinking water for the rest of the night.

Acting Out of the Ordinary

Before a person is completely drunk, they will often act “tipsy” or “buzzed.” In other words, they are showing some signs of inebriation without being full-on intoxicated. These signs of acting out could be talking too loudly, acting overly flirty (in situations where it is inappropriate) or just acting strangely.

Losing Control of One’s Emotions

Further on then just being buzzed, you’ll start to see a person lose control of their emotions. This is a strong sign that the person has had too much to drink and is well on their way to being completely drunk. The person might be overly emotional and crying at nothing or laughing uncontrollably when the situation really isn’t that funny.


An overly strong emotion that you definitely don’t want to run into is that someone who has had too much to drink can start being overly aggressive. Drunks are known to pick fights or to be aggressive, so watch out for this dangerous sign of intoxication.

Lack of Motor Control

One of the most advanced signs of drunkenness is that the person will lose control over their coordination and motor control. This is the “sloppy drunk” that is falling down and knocking into other people and the environment around him. If a friend has reached this point, he is actually entering the danger zone of alcohol poisoning.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

April is the best time of year to get the truth out about just how dangerous alcohol really is. This is because April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This is a month-long observance with the goal of helping everyone in the country to learn the facts they need to start taking the proper care around this drug. Because alcohol is a drug, and far too few Americans remember this fact when it comes to deciding whether to drink or not.

If you remember that alcohol is a drug and treat it as such, you can save yourself and your friends and family from a lot of heartache.


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.


Jocelyn Miller

I have worked in and around drug rehabilitation centers for the last 3 years and have experience working in many other fields of societal problems addressing moral issues, mental stress and have been involved in a number of community projects.