Ending the Struggle for Good

Family violence

Most of the articles I have read on the Narconon blogs are the student’s experience as an addict. Their perspective is from that of someone coming out of addiction through Narconon. When you read their posts you can see the tremendous relief in their articles and blog posts. They’ve conquered their problem through the only workable program in the world, in my opinion.

It is quite an accomplishment!

Drug-addiction is not a light matter and is very hard to overcome, especially in this world of just replacing one drug for another.

There is another perspective on the matter that isn’t always as visible, though.

Those of the family members who have had to deal with all the conditions and effects that come with coping with and helping a family member battle their addiction. I write to you from that point of view. You see—I’ve had a father who’s been addicted to heroin for thirty of the thirty-five years that I’ve been alive. I know the anger at the “hiding.” I know the anger at the irresponsibility that the drug is causing from the masking of emotions. Or, furthermore, the lack of money to pay child support. I saw that. Growing up as a child, I felt and understood the drug’s personality killing effects on my father. He was absent, yet absolutely gleeful because the drug masked his ability to tell right from wrong. I’ve been there, It’s not fun. It’s painful, in fact.

But, we’ll save him. Because now there’s hope. With Narconon we’ve found an actual program that is effective in getting people off of drugs. If you look at the numbers, Narconon is the only program getting people off of all drugs, on a very natural and drug-free treatment protocol. This is what addicts need! Not replacing one drug for another, thusly perpetuating addiction and not stopping it. Something of this nature is not common and most addicts don’t even know about it.

That’s partially why I’m writing this blog entry. The word needs to get out so we can get addicts off of these substances for real. So I’m not the only one with hope. Every other family member out there with a struggling relative can have hope now, too.


Gavin Marini

I believe in a drug-free world. A world in which we all have minds free from drugs.