From Girl Scout to Wild Child:
My Journey Out of Addiction

2009: Mugshot before rehab.

Growing up, I always thought I had a pretty normal life and that it would stay that way, but boy was I wrong.

Sure, I had a good upbringing. My parents sent me to private school, I attended church, was a Girl Scout, played loads of sports and always received excellent grades academically. So how on earth could life have gone so impossibly wrong?

Well, it all starts shortly after my parents decided to get a divorce and I entered high school. At first, it was to fit in with the kids I thought were cool. This went along alright for a while. I mean, after all, I was getting free drugs for doing other people’s homework and got to feel like a “cool kid.” I started being invited to parties and people’s houses that I only dreamed of a few short months prior. Plus, my grades were still good, which meant I had happy parents to go home to each night.

Of course, this didn’t last for long though. By the time I was halfway through high school, I was a “wild child” and on a mission to do whatever I wanted. Upon graduating high school, I was still managing to keep my life somewhat together. Although, once I entered college, it was pretty much all over. Having found oxycontin and falling in love with it, my life quickly spiraled out of control.

Within a year, I found myself being dragged out of my apartment by my father and sent away to rehab. At the time, I just figured that I could play along and get out to get back to the life I wanted to live. So, I went through the motions for four months, completed the program and left. Once I returned home, it was only a few short weeks before I was back where I started at before going to rehab.

With my parents thinking I was “cured,” I had yet another chance to pull the wool right over their eyes and I did just that. By the time my parents realized what was going on, I had already moved out of their house, changed my phone number and wanted nothing to do with them. Afterall, they just wanted me to stop using drugs and I just wasn’t ready to do that yet.

After just a few short months though, I quickly found myself homeless, jobless, friendless and working at an escort agency to ensure I had money to buy drugs. At this point, oxycontin wasn’t cutting it, so I switched to cheaper drugs: heroin. The one thing I always told myself I would never do and definitely never shoot up with a needle. But, there I was doing it all.

Eventually, the misery of waking up sick, having people stare and gawk at me or even worse, want nothing to do with me, got the best of me. That morning, I woke up and did the unthinkable. I called my father hysterically crying and begging for him to help me get back on my feet. Within twenty minutes, he was at my doorstep helping me pack my stuff. That evening we got in the car and decided it was time to get my life together.

The next day, I was on a plane to Michigan to go back to rehab for the second time. But, this time was different. This time I really wanted to get clean and live life to the fullest. Upon entering Narconon Freedom Center, I entered the withdrawal unit to detox from heroin. From there, I completed the sauna program and felt like a brand new person. After completing sauna, I was amazed at how wonderful I felt and was just ready to keep moving forward through my program.

2016: 2 Years Drug Free, with goddaughter before heading to 
Philadelphia as a National Delegate for the Democratic National Convention.

Once sauna was complete, I moved into the life skills courses, which truly opened my eyes to how to successfully live the life I wanted to live. Through Objectives to working my conditions, each step felt like a major life milestone to complete. What’s even better is that I just continued to feel better and better after each step. By the end, I felt like if I could conquer anything in my path and finally felt like I had control over my life again!

2017: 3 Years Drug Free!

Now three years later, here I am clean and sober, living the life I always imagined for myself!

I truly couldn’t be any more grateful to the Narconon staff and program for helping me learn how to live life to the fullest!




After completing the Narconon program in Michigan, Rebecca has dedicated her life to staying sober and helping others find sobriety using the techniques provided by Narconon.