Holiday Drinking

Friends drinking at Christmas Holiday

As we hit the holiday season, Christmas carols sound from every corner, lights dazzle us from homes and businesses, and intriguing colorful alcoholic beverages abound. For some reason, people often feel this is an acceptable time to indulge. After all, what’s a Christmas party without a little booze? Candy Cane Cocktails, mulled wine and spiked eggnog are just a few favorites.

It’s easy to embrace the holiday spirit of excess and revelry, forgetting the good habits we intend. For those who might have a tendency toward abuse, it can be a very harmful and dangerous environment. Inhibitions and common sense can go right out the window.

Visiting Relatives

It isn’t just a cliché, visiting relatives over the holiday break can be quite stressful. When your mother-in-law or sister makes their tenth snide remark, it can be easy to take a few shots of any hard liquor within reach to calm one’s nerves. It’s normal, right? Don’t do it. There are many other preferable handlings.

Instead, do your best to limit your interaction with snarky relatives. Book a hotel room and just visit a few hours a day. Keep the conversation neutral and if nothing else works, walk away, out the door and around the block if that helps. Whatever you do, don’t start drinking to ease the tension. It will just make matters worse.

Space Your Drinks

Holiday alcoholic drinks.

If you find yourself with a drink in your hand, make sure to give yourself time before you grab another. Nurse it. Enjoy it. Make it last. Space your drinks at least an hour or two between. You’ll be doing yourself a favor in more ways than one.

It’s interesting to note that alcohol is very dehydrating, because it makes your body produce more urine. Dehydration is one of the primary factors in hangovers. So, drink a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage. It will help you space your drinks and avoid the nasty headache the next day.

Behavioral Consequences

The first alcoholic beverage might make you feel tipsy, which may translate to a happier feeling. However, as you continue to drink, the stimulating effect turns into a depressing one. After that, it gets worse and worse. Then your inhibitions melt away, causing you to say and do things you probably would never consider sober. Remember, you can’t really ever take back something you’ve said or done. There is no rewind button in life and unfortunately those words and actions can scar your reputation forever.

Fattening Effects

Each drink you ingest has a serious calorie count attached. The alcohol alone has a typical calorie count of 150 per serving size (which is 12 oz of beer, 4 oz of wine or a shot of the hard stuff). When you take into account the mixer additives, you’re probably swallowing at least 250 calories per drink. While you might think twice about a slice of cheesecake or a dish of ice cream, the fattening effect of alcohol is often overlooked.

Having the Christmas spirit doesn’t in fact have to include spirits. Please don’t use this holiday as an excuse to over-indulge. If you find that this time of year is too much for you and you recognize that you have a problem with alcohol, please call us today at 1-888-477-5527. We’re eager to help!



Devon Alexander

Devon Alexander has watched various family members and friends struggle with addiction throughout her life. She enjoys writing articles to educate others who wish to escape the hooks of addiction permanently.