I Don’t Take Meds. Am I Crazy? My Doctors Think So!

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Nearly every time I go to the doctor, for whatever reason, the first question from the nurse is always, “Are you on any medications?” And, my response is always, “No, I do not take any medications.” This is always followed up by, “So you don’t take any medications or supplements for anything?”

And, I always put on a big smile and reply, “That’s correct. I take a daily multi-vitamin and that is it.”

After finishing my blood pressure, weight and height, I’m taken into an exam room where I wait for the doctor to come in. When the doctor arrives, they again ask the same question as the nurse had previously, “Are you on any medications?” Again, I always let them know that I simply take a daily multi-vitamin and nothing else. I go on to explain that I don’t even take aspirin for headaches.

The doctor’s eyes always double in size at that comment.

Each and every time this is the response given and depending on the reason that I went to the doctor, they typically want to give me some type of medication.

You see, when I was in treatment, I didn’t have any of these things—so why do I need them now? Do some doctors think everyone has a problem that drugs will resolve or are they looking for a payout from Big Pharma? Who knows? However, what I do know is that doctors are overprescribing medications when they could be suggesting natural remedies for patients to try rather than always prescribing something.

Instead of, “Oh you have anxiety, here’s some Xanax,” the doctor or medical professional could suggest remedying the situation with dietary supplements for example, or light body exercise or anything else that would avoid putting a toxic substance in the body to “fix” something with the body.

Instead of taking ibuprofen or aspirin every time, think about how hydrated you are or take some salt and potassium. Plus, when you take ibuprofen or other types of NSAIDs long term, it can really mess with you, such as causing stomach ulcers or worse.

I understand there are some ailments that simply DO require medication.

But, for some ailments, there is an equally good, natural alternative. It just may take a little bit longer to completely heal. Though popping a pill in your mouth and moving on with your day may be fast, it’s worth it to you in the long run and your body will thank you for it.

For example, when I was at Narconon, I had a cold sore—I’ve had them ever since I was a small child, so this was nothing new for me—it’s just something I’ve learned to deal with. Little did I know that there is a natural way to prevent them with an L-Lysine supplement. The doctor I was referred to by the Narconon staff provided me with some and within a week it was gone.

For most of my life, doctors have been writing prescriptions and sending me for more tests for my cold sores. And, I find out years later a supplement solves the problem in a few days? Really? I was in shock. I couldn’t believe not a single medical professional throughout my life hadn’t simply recommended this to me.

And, my amazement continued as I saw small ailments be remedied naturally throughout the duration of my rehab program.

From the moment you enter Narconon, you experience the world in a completely different way; naturally. First, the drug-free withdrawal, which I thought would be horrendous, but turned out to be the best withdrawal of my life. Then, their sauna program to further help the body and detox it from years of drug use. Finally, their life skills courses to show you what may cause mishaps to happen in your own life and so much more!

All of this brings together a comprehensive drug-free treatment program, which empowers us to continue living the most natural and authentic life we possibly can. And, who wouldn’t want that result from their drug treatment program? I know I am forever grateful, as it has shown me an entirely new way to live.

Rebecca—Narconon Graduate



After completing the Narconon program in Michigan, Rebecca has dedicated her life to staying sober and helping others find sobriety using the techniques provided by Narconon.