That’s Where Narconon Comes In

Did you know that one of the reasons for the downfall of Native Americans in the 18th and 19th centuries was drugs, in the form of alcohol or in the form of contaminated or nutrient-deficient food? And nowadays, young people are assaulted by drugs of every kind and shape—and not only illegal drugs, but medical drugs as well. One person I know on a reservation died from a combination of over 30 prescription drugs that she was taking at the time of her death.

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One of the best ways I know of to “get back at” the drug industry, whether illegal or legal, is to simply not co-operate. Don’t be that person they want you to be. And one of the best ways that I know of to not co-operate is to get off of any drugs one is taking. Obviously, I am not talking about drugs you might have to take for an emergency or an operation like anesthesia or for a medical condition for which your doctor has validly prescribed drugs. Narconon is not a medical program and you need to consult your physician regarding any changes you may make regarding any prescribed drugs that you are taking. I am talking about those drugs meant to “cure” something which, in the end, do not end up curing but only getting you hooked. There is a lot of material about this in the Narconon Drug Abuse section of this website.

That’s where Narconon comes in.

Narconon can help a person to get off drugs without the side effect of becoming addicted to another drug in order to come off of the drug one is taking. Narconon, in my opinion, is a little bit of heaven. Try it and see for yourself.


Karen Kay

Too many cultures have ceased to exist and have become little more than a memory, traced directly to its people becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Karen Kay believes that this culture is worth saving, and that kicking one’s addiction is a good start in that direction.