Tips for Helping an Addict

Helping hands

Addicts aren’t addicts because they have a passion to abuse their bodies and minds through drugs. Everyone’s story of drug abuse is different, but you’ll find many have a common thread. Somewhere along the line, they lost control. The good news is that you can help them! You can help them right their ship that went off course.

Tip #1: It is your business

We are often trained in our society to stay out of other people’s affairs. It can seem rude to “interfere” with someone else’s life, even if you see them make horrendous decisions.

Would you allow a friend to stay in an abusive relationship? No! If your friend always seemed to have a black eye or unexplained bruises, I’m sure you’d do whatever it took to see that he or she were protected from the monster inflicting the damage. It’s very clear that their welfare is your business!

Well, the drugs that they take are an abusive monster, with fangs. Your friend or loved one needs your help to disconnect from that source of evil, just as much as they would from an abusive spouse.

Bottom line—it is your business!

Tip #2: Treat them with love

Don’t make your loved one feel guilty. No one likes that and no one responds to that approach. Please don’t be accusative and critical when you approach someone addicted to drugs. Trust me, they know they’ve done wrong—they are probably living in shame (even if they pretend they aren’t). They just don’t see a way out of the degradation they’ve fallen into.

Instead, create a safe, loving space where they can talk to you. The only valid communication must come from them. If you do all the talking and they don’t get it, they won’t respond. Ask questions about their current situation to see if they feel anything could be improved. Whatever they say, you must remain calm and be supportive then acknowledge any answer that leans toward taking responsibility for their actions.

Whatever you do, don’t flare up in anger. If you do, you’ll cause them to withdraw from you and the whole process becomes harder.

Tip #3: Strike while the iron is hot!

If your loved one shows an interest in handling their addiction to drugs or alcohol, strike while the iron is hot. Bring them into Narconon immediately. Don’t wait. Most likely, tomorrow they will not feel the same way or someone else will convince them it isn’t a problem.

It isn’t always convenient to drop everything to seek the treatment they need and want at that moment, but you must. I remember I had a friend whose family had spent tens of thousands in legal fees to help their son with his drug problem. He’d been in and out of jail as a young man. It was only when he had a son that the man finally realized he needed help. The family did the right thing and brought him into a facility, but they didn’t follow through. They had vacation plans. Unfortunately, when they returned, their son was no longer interested. A lot can happen on a two-week vacation.

If your loved one needs help, bring them into a Narconon center. We’ll help you talk to them and guide them toward rehabilitation in a safe and loving environment. If you need help broaching the subject, we have a number of successful counselors who can assist you. Don’t wait, contact us today!


Devon Alexander

Devon Alexander has watched various family members and friends struggle with addiction throughout her life. She enjoys writing articles to educate others who wish to escape the hooks of addiction permanently.