Would You Give Your Child Cocaine?

Child and cocaine

While unfunded heralds of truth are screaming at the top of their lungs about Ritalin and Adderall (psychiatric drugs) being handed out to adults and teens like candies, we have drug companies running hourly television ads to spread the false message of chemical imbalances. This is despite the fact that no blood is ever drawn to prove this imbalance and that no normal person has Ritalin or Adderall coursing through their veins, hasn’t stopped this catch-phrase from becoming our version of the flat-earth concept widely accepted 400 years ago.

Let’s take a look at the KNOWN side effects of one drug which is overly-prescribed to millions.

Ritalin, Vitamin R, the Smart Pill, Kiddie Cocaine—these are all names for the pill that drug company Novartis has made famous and it is in the same category as cocaine, opium, and morphine. Other Schedule II stimulants used to treat ADD are Concerta and Adderall and their side effects show a striking resemblance.

Will Ritalin improve a student’s grades? Will Adderall help your spouse with her mood without making him or her addicted? If stimulants could do this, don’t you think that Big Pharma would promote these benefits to the world? Gerald Coles in The Learning Mystique, says:

”Stimulant drugs have little, if any, impact on…long-term academic improvement.”

A large percentage of these students become robotic, lethargic or depressed as seventeen other studies report.

What about the issue of fitting into society? Studies prove that students on stimulants for ADHD are 46% more likely to commit one felony, and 36% more likely to commit two or more felonies.

Do these drugs make you kill? SUICIDE is the major adverse reaction to Ritalin withdrawal according to the American Psychiatric Association. In addition to suicides, the list of school shootings and family homicides by students on benzodiazepines is staggering. We all know people who do things while they are drunk that they don’t do when sober, so why are we surprised when somebody does something terrible when they take a daily dose of a Class II stimulant?

What health risks are associated with the use of these drugs?

  • Heart problems
  • Facial tics
  • Blood disorders
  • Brain damage
  • Death

And that’s just some of the side effects. From 1990 to 2000, 186 people died from the use of these drugs, but because reporting system for undesirable side effects of voluntary, it is estimated that this represents only 10 to 20% of the actual number of deaths.

How about addiction? Novartis drug company, the producer of Ritalin, will claim that Ritalin isn’t addictive. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has a completely opposite position.

Stimulants ARE addictive!

How Does This Affect our Society?

We all want smart children, but this isn’t Lake Woebegon. In any academic setting, half of our students will be below average! We, as parents, can still brag about our child’s size, their musical ability, their athletic prowess, or their ability to fix cars or computers. But not a single parent ever brags about their child being a drug addict! Think about that before you allow your child anywhere near these drugs.

After this short stroll down the long littered highway of Ritalin side effects, just in case none of the above is enough to keep you from allowing somebody near you taking his daily fix of a drug in the same class as cocaine, maybe this point of ironic justice will: In one group of Ritalin patients studied, 34% threatened to kill their parents.


John Carey

John Carey has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science from Texas A&M and has worked for a major oil company for over 30 years. As a humanitarian endeavor, he has researched extensively on the psychiatric drugging of children.