Narconon Freedom Center Issues Prescription Abuse Warnings

15 Jun 2014

Over the past several decades, prescription drugs have found their way into the lives of millions of Americans. At one point it was rare to have to use a medication regularly, but now it has become more and more common for anyone to be prescribed powerful medicine by their doctors.

Many of these prescription drugs do serve a beneficial purpose, such as when they help regulate an actual medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The fact that these conditions probably could have been avoided in the first place with healthier living is beside the point. Once a person has one of the conditions, it makes sense to start treating it with whatever tools are available.

There is a whole different class of drugs that aren’t nearly as safe to use, and the amount of help they actually give is questionable. This includes opioid painkillers and the psychiatric drugs that aren’t very different from street drugs.

Opioid painkillers are extremely powerful. They have a lot in common with the morphine and heroin that they were originally derived from. While they will make your pain go away, they can also slow down your breathing rate and heart rate. If you take too much of one of these drugs, you can die.

Psychiatric drugs being used to get high

Psychiatric drugs like Ritalin are very similar to illegal stimulants such as speed. Students at all levels commonly steal or buy these drugs from friends due to the fact that they can get high with a drug that is supposedly legal. When parents or school administrators find out that they have used one of these drugs, they will often shrug and look the other way. It’s just medicine, isn’t it?

The truth is that these drugs are just as powerful and dangerous as anything you’d find on the street, and parents need to be aware of it. You should definitely not look the other way or make excuses for your child if he is abusing one of these drugs at school. He can get hooked on what the school nurse is giving out just as surely as he could get hooked on something he bought from a drug dealer. If you ever see someone you know stealing or using a drug that is not prescribed to him, you need to confront the issue right away

A warning for patients

Even if your doctor prescribes you a drug, it’s not necessarily a good idea to always fill the prescription. Dentists have been known to prescribe Vicodin for a tooth pain that could have been (and was) handled with Tylenol. Doctors will suggest that you take all manner of powerful drugs that can be substituted with milder versions or avoided completely.

It is always in your best interest to talk to your doctor about what he is recommending and to then do your own research as well. If you’re concerned about the side effects you read about, you do not have to take the drug. You also don’t have to keep using something if you’re worried to may become addicted to it.

If you or someone you know has abused prescription drugs at some point, all is not lost. The drug rehabilitation staff at Narconon Freedom Center are trained professionals that have dealt with all forms of addiction. They can help you come off of whatever prescription drug is being used. While the body does get sick or hurt sometimes, there are effective remedies to use besides powerful prescription drugs. Do your homework and decide for yourself whether or not it is safe to take them.


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