Narconon Freedom Center Offers Tips to Keep Your Home Free From Prescription Abuse

8 Jun 2014

prescriptionIn order to keep your family as safe as possible, you need to know what kind of realistic threats exist out there in society that could be a source of danger. You don’t want to waste any time worrying about unrealistic scare tactic stories you hear about on the news, but you do want to be informed about real trends that are occurring in your community. June is National Safety Month, after all, so there’s no better time to learn some tips to keep your family free from prescription drug abuse.

Find out if you really need prescription drugs in the first place

When you see a doctor to treat an illness, he may very well need to prescribe you medicine in order to get you healthy. In all cases, however, you should talk to your doctor so that you really understand what he is prescribing you. You should also ask why it is necessary and what kind of alternatives might be available.

There are dozens of extremely powerful painkillers on the market today, and doctors can be far too willing to prescribe them, given the state of prescription drug abuse in society today. Even a dentist can prescribe Vicodin for lingering pain you may feel after getting some work done. You need to ask yourself if it’s really necessary to use a powerful opioid drug (that can quickly become addictive) or if there might be another way to get through the pain.

Take precautions to keep your prescription drugs safe

Most Americans have at least some type of medicine in their homes. These medications and drugs come in little childproof containers, but even the smallest children can eventually figure out how to open them. Despite this, most adults will simply place these medications in a cupboard, drawer or even inside the eponymous medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

This really isn’t a good idea if you want to keep those medications safe. Children could get curious and think they’re candy (or know that they’re drugs and want to try them, anyway.) Teens and even other adults in your home may want to grab these pills and take them in order to get high. Most painkillers can create effects very similar to heroin, so it’s no wonder that drug users want to buy or steal them by any means possible.

Instead of leaving them somewhere that they can be accessed, get a safe and lock them up like you would a handgun. They might not kill as quickly as a gun, but in the long run they really can be just as dangerous for the person that abuses them.

Talk to your kids about prescription drug use

In today’s hyper-competitive school environment, everyone is looking for an edge. If you’re trying to get into a “good” college, you’re competing against tens of thousands of other students that are doing everything they can to excel and look better on an application.

Many students are resorting to illegal and dangerous means to stay competitive by stealing or buying prescription meds from other students. Stimulants like Ritalin can have the same effect on the body as speed. Students use these drugs to give themselves a chemically-induced hyper focus and then try to pull hours-long study sessions.

Don’t let your kids give into the peer pressure to try this dangerous approach. Talk to them about the danger of prescription medications and help them find safer, more sane approaches to staying academically competitive. A lifetime free from drug abuse is far preferable to short term chemically-faked “focus.”


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